Extreme Makeovers

We have enlisted the services of fashion stylists, hairdressers, cosmetic surgeons and makeup artists to help ensure you put your best foot forward.We can help make sure you look the part for whatever occasion it is you need to impress.

Whilst we believe inner beauty is of utmost importance, clothes can also maketh the man! A few simple tweaks and a well cut suit or dress can sometimes be the difference of a first or second date.
We are all human and first impressions count for a lot, so you might as well make it a good one.

If you are looking tired or washed out from the stresses of life it could be time to seek the help of our resident cosmetic doctor. During the duration of your lunchtime you can have a non surgical treatment to help you reflect how you feel on the inside. Studies have shown that when you are looking tired or have a strong frown it can affect the way you feel and behave around others. The converse is also true when you are looking happy and worry free you will give off a more positive attitude.


Dating is a competitive arena and you could be competing for the attention of someone with more than one suitor. We’d like to help you gain whatever competitive edge you need to find your true love.