Bespoke Dating Agency for Elite Discerning Singles.

Blue Diamond Match is a bespoke matchmaking service catering to the needs of discerning clientele who can afford to expect the best in every facet of life, love being no exception. It is our mission to introduce likeminded, successful and sophisticated men and women looking for someone of equally impeccable standards and taste.

We understand that in today’s hectic pace just how easy it can be for you to be set adrift in a world full of potential partners, yet unable to find the right one due to the considerable time and energy required. So if your time is a valuable commodity too precious to waste then let us do the searching for you.

The bespoke nature of our search process ensures you will not simply be matched with someone who is currently registered as a member. Whilst that may be the case in some instances, we often rely on our large network of contacts to proactively find you the exact match you desire. Just like the best jobs are never advertised it is the same when you are looking to find a partner. Finding a partner is easy when you enlist the help of an expert. Rather than wait for your Mr and Mrs Right to come to us, we find them. We have turned the dating process on its head in order to help you find the partner that may otherwise prove elusive.

At Blue Diamond Match we have a team of matchmakers here to find your ideal companion, comparable in the most important aspects of your life. We take the time to get to know you and we will then design a bespoke blue print to help you find that special someone.

Our matchmakers take great pleasure in the tremendous joy that arises once your match has been found. All of our matchmakers are proud to be part of a time honoured mission of helping make love connections that last the test of time.

As a member of our bespoke matchmaking service you are ensured absolute privacy and control over how and whom you come into contact. Our service prides itself on creating a serene environment where romantic love can blossom. We seek to maintain a high level of professionalism, trust and most of all help you feel totally at ease with the whole process.